January 25, 2018

Africabet Zambia Review

There is a lot to like about the africabet.co.zm site with both a local flavour and an international quality platform.

The site boasts a wide array of sports and importantly bet options within each contest. The site has cleverly shored up the entire right flank of the landing page with banner explanations of how to bet on a football match including, first team to score, score at half-time and many others.

This is unique in that it shows the punter the bet-options in a way that looks exciting. The good use of this method means these popular bet-types will get more traffic.

Africabet.co.zm has one of the most realistic-looking virtual play settings and has computer generated action to go with pre-recorded games.

This feature is of the highest quality and even uses real teams like Arsenal and Manchester City and for a second it looks as if a real march is being played. The audio and visual qualities of this virtual play are of the best in the world.

The punter will get absorbed in the near perfect virtual games and some sports lovers will even watch a game for the love of the game.

The site has a hyperlink to African sports giant SuperSport, with all the relevant news, views and tips from across the world. The SuperSport site is one of the biggest contributors to African sports and this link (under news icon) is an innovation that can only benefit the punter.

The site offers all the amenities with regard to withdrawal, deposit and other assistance and help information and has an active social media presence.

Importantly, the site has four promotions running at the moment and this is terrifi9c news for novices and serious punters alike.

The promotions include an open account offer, a refer bonus, money refund and money back offer.

The site offers a ‘Big Money Jackpot’ and a Daily Big Winners ranging from 2 legs right up to 10 legs. This means a multi combo bet between 2 and 10 winners with odds being adjusted accordingly.

The landing site has a how to open an account video but also no mention of which business bank institution to use for deposit and withdrawal.

This is a setback for punters as one would have to research which mobile money operators can be used for this site.

One of the massive plusses regarding the site is the sporting odds offered and by studying some of the games it looks like Africabet offers some of the most competitive and winning bet chances.

For example they have Porto at home against Monaco in the UEFA Champions League – with a drawn result offered at 5.5/1. That is a bet I would take.

The site also enjoys punting American Football, Baseball and Basketball and presents bettors with an opportunity to take part in a cross variety of sports and different bet and win options.

Africabet is one of the best sites I have reviewed in Zambia and rivals most online sports betting operators in Africa at present.

This is one of the hardest sites to review as there is not much wrong with it, and I could extoll their virtues for ages. In short, join this site – if only for the magnificent virtual play – trust me it is worth a look.