January 25, 2018

Betpawa Zambia Review

Betpawa.co.za does not live up to its name and is not powerful after all

The site is disappointing and lacklustre and based on its current performance will not entice new punters not is it likely to maintain a client base.

The layout is completely off kilter and does not make for a pleasant first impression and closer inspection of the operator leaves a hungry taste in the mouth.

The site does little to appease the appetite – with no promotions, heaps of empty space and a jackpot that is more rare than a Quagga in Antarctica.

The web page lighter than Pepsi Zero on a diet and offers so little bang for your buck.

There are no discernible redeeming features and the site does not even have a money exchange programme, with no institution available on the landing page for deposit and withdraw purposes. Zambian bet-makers will have to research the bank provider and this will chase more punters to more accessible competitors.

The basic tenets of an online sports betting site are missing … to borrow a line from Monty Python: “they are bereft of life, they are deceased … they cease to exist”.

I always look for a silver lining in every cloud but betpawa make it harder than looking for a piece of hay in a large pile of knitting needles.

The banners are not aligned, the bet odds are not favourable to the punters and it is only right at the bottom of the page that options for different sports are mentioned.

Punters are advised to steer clear of this site as there are so many better operators in Zambia. The site developers will need a serious injection of marketing, promotions, site layout and a redesign of the whole format.

You get what you pay for in life, and this looks like it was done on WordPress for Beginners.

There is a promotion advertised with multi combo bets increasing the winnings by incremental amounts, but this is more a by-product than a serious offer.

The reason I am scathing is that the developers must wake up and realize they are in competition with serious companies, with virtual play and live betting and so much more.

A review is not just for punters, but betting operators must learn from advice, or from the truth!

Betpawa.co.zm jackpot

Betpawa has reached out into the Zambian online sports betting market and the international brand is offering punters a terrific opportunity to win substantial jackpot earnings.

The betpawa Zambia site offers a weekly jackpot, played over 13 leagues. The site has also launched a mega jackpot game called the ‘Em pawa Africa Jackpot’ with this football pools-game being played over 17 contests.

The hyperlink for the betpawa jackpot page is: https://www.betpawa.co.zm/jackpot#results

The weekly jackpot winnings are set and do not accumulate, should no punter with the previous edition.

The minimum stake to enter the weekly jackpot is 1 Kwacha – while the maximum pay-out is K100 00.

The Africa Jackpot (Em pawa) offers a win ten times larger with a potential winner earning a cool million Kwacha.

Punters who miss out on a leg, or more, can still earn winnings with the weekly jackpot paying – in decreasing amounts – for 12 correct predictions all the way down to nine correct of the 13 legs.

The Africa jackpot offers similar sequences, with 16 to 13 correct picks all picking up earnings.

The betpawa Zambian football jackpots do not seem to offer many matches from the big European leagues, apart from the Serie A and La Liga. There does not appear to be any English Premiership matches in the last five jackpots and this is strange given the predilection for African online bet sites to include all EPL action.

There are many matches from the Swiss, Russian and German lower division leagues, and this detracts somewhat from the jackpot, as the EPL is the most watched league in the world.