January 25, 2018

Bolo Bet Review

This site tries hard to be different and it succeeds as nothing it quite as it seems. The landing page looks completely at odds with the standardized format but this is not necessarily a bad marketing strategy.

The look and feel of a site is important but there are many other extenuating circumstances and Bolabet tries hard to please the punter while portraying an original lay-out.

The landing page is hard to describe given its unique nature with the headings in an unnatural looking position. They are not easily identifiabler or explanatory enough but once you click on them the information gleaned is topo-notch.

For instance the promotions. The site does not nmake a big song and dance about their amazing promos and they are tucked away. A punter must navigate their way to find the giveaways and promotions.

They first have to go to the information icon, click, and only get to the promos then. Once they are there the vital information is written in small font and is almost hiding.

Promotuions should be on the landing page and be visual, bold and a selling point to the site.

Most punters will not go to the information page to access these marketing aids as the info segment is usually reserved for disclaimers and FAQ’s etc.

The bonus offers are pretty darn impressive. There is a multi-bet earn-increase bonus feature. This means that for every bet over four events there is an exponential bonus win.

The site offers both a Happy Hour promo and a Happy Day bonus and this is original and not utilised by most competitors. If a punter wins in the Happy Hour or on happy day there is an automatic 5% increase in winnings.

There is also a cash back feature which allows a punter to retrieve money of one outcome did not materialize. This is for multi-bets over the minimum threshold.

On face value this site is exclusively used to bet on football and this in itself is an oddity. But the market for this sport is so encompassing that they have decided to back the favourite all the way to the bank.

Bolabet is so graphic shy it could have an anxiety disorder – with not one picture on show. The site is all words, some of it too wordy. Clicking on the various headings is an information overload for reading averse punters. The developers have felt the need to explain everything in detail rather than let graphics and catchy advertising slogans draw in the crowd.

This is a disadvantage as punters do not want to read a sportsbook – they want instant reward. There is no chance of this with regard to virtual play as this feature is conspicuously absent.

There is no information on which banking institutions a bet-maker can use to get onto the site. There is no disclaimer on the landing page, while contact details are scarcer than water in the Kalahari.

Lack of foresight, vital details and graphics are serious no-no’s in this industry and with all the no box ticked the negative result of this review is a No-brainer.

Other than the promotions, which are tucked away in the matrix of the site, there are no real redeeming features.