September 20, 2018

Castlebet Review

The Zambian online sports betting industry is growing in leaps and bounds and the major competitors will have to look over their shoulders when it comes to relative newcomers like

The site offers a wide array of betting opportunities across the board with everything from live play, virtual play, casino, multi-faceted sports betting and more.

The site evens offers a free football quiz, with punters earning from 100 to 500 kwacha by correctly getting answers correct. This is a nice touch, if very low paying.

The site has a vast array of banking options for punters to play, and offers almost every service available in Zambia. They offer banking through Airtel, MTN, MTN Mobile Money, FNB Banking, FNB E-wallet, Zamtel and touch4pay.

A punter can also deposit cash into one of their many physical shops set open around the country.

The site looks extremely data enriched, with information exploding off the screen. The bet-markets on the landing page are unlike many others, in that there are so many bet-opportunities without having to go into another link.

The castlebet mobi-site is much neater, well-laid out and graphically superior. The landing page of the website looks like the New York Stock Exchange monitors – with vital info and win-opportunities spread across the entire format.

There are no banners or graphics to ease the sensory bombardment and perhaps the developers can look at some leading brands to try get a sense of balance.

This is not a site for a newcomer as the markets such as handicap, over/under and more will be overwhelming at first glance. Again, the mobi-site looks the better option for punters new to the game.

The site offers bets on almost every sporting code imaginable with the likes of Alpine skiing, freestyle wrestling and surfing all covered.

This presents a logistical nightmare for the developers and they will do well to trim the hedges to more manageable and realistic proportions. The vast majority of punters in Zambia bet on football, virtual play and the casino and to search for fixtures, post results and work out odds on alpine skiing for example seems a waste of time and resources.

The layout of the website is also not user friendly and it is not possible to scroll down the site in its entirety. To scroll down a user must pick a column of spate data and scroll down.

This is not a user-friendly site and one gets the distinct impression this platform is almost exclusively meant for mobile phone users.

The contrast between the lay-out, colours, usability and more between the two platforms is stark. The web version is not an easy-to-use vehicle.

According to both platforms there are no promotions on offer and this is inexcusable at this level, and the operators will need to update their marketing strategy.

Almost all of the competitors offer welcome bonuses, accumulator bonus-features and cash back options.

Punters often go from site to site looking for great promotions and castlebet needs to attract newcomers and keep loyal subscribers happy, especially with the amount of software they have to maintain.

Another big disadvantage of is that it does not offer a football jackpot, nor a lotto-like feature and this takes out the chances of a bet-maker winning a life changing amount. This dream of winning enough to retire is what many punters play for, and is a necessity in this trade.

The site has a top mobile site, an app, many banking options and access to almost every banking institution in Zambia, but if it does not have a lottery or a jackpot then it will struggle.

Castlebet offers a decent virtual play and a large bet-market in this feature while the online casino boasts slots and card games.

On the sports betting front this is a rock solid platform with hundreds of bets on the market for each match, with over/under, handicap, both teams to score, first-half/second-half, total goals and many more options.

The platform offers an outstanding bookmaker service with almost every sport under the sun, and virtually every type of bet available on the market.

The mobi site is by far the best portal to use this operator, and even offers a cash-back promotion. The operator’s terms and conditions, FAQ’s, disclaimer and ‘how to play’ are vastly superior to the main website.

The main web page does not have links to terms and conditions, not has a visible disclaimer.

This looks like the horse comes behind the cart in that the mobile site is the future of the site and boasts a far superior service. This is probably by design, and the business owners feel the mobile phone market is the key to building a client base. There are invariably more mobile phone punters in Zambia than ones who use their laptops and in this regard the difference between the platforms make sense.

The lack of a jackpot, decent promotions, lottery and an easy-to-use website counts against castlebet and unless the operators can sort these issues out, they will struggle in a market dominated by the big players.