January 25, 2018

M Bet Review

M-bet.co.zm is a purely football related online betting site and it focusses purely on the Beautiful Game.

This is unlike a vast majority of its competitors, but allows it to concentrate and focus full y on one sporting code.

This site has no pretentions as to which market it wants to capture and this may attract many football lovers as there are no other distractions.

The lay-out of the site with regard to design and look and feel is average, with far too many empty space employed on both the right and left flanks.

This is due to the complete lack of any other sport so it is understandable. Most sites employ extensive flank cover with a list of all sports on offer.

This site is popular on social media with almost 10 thousand recent likes, while they also offer a YouTube and twitter hyperlink.

They do have a soccer jackpot with the M-Bet Prefect 12, which takes in matches across the globe. It is important that the promotional banners for jackpots and other prizes are prominently displayed and m-bet covers this base, with a ‘Play with 5 kwacha to win over 50 000 K’ advertised on a promotional banner on the landing page.

There are two ways to deposit and withdraw money with MTN Mobile Money and airtel money the providers of choice.

The disclaimer, certification to operate as a gaming site and all terms, conditions and contact details are sound and above board. This is important as too many sites do not have this basic information or regulatory standards.

There is no virtual football available, with all the emphasis on actual real-life matches across the world. This means punters will need some soccer knowledge.

This site is essentially a vehicle for soccer betting, which implies a complete faith in the popularity of the sport as a service and knowing your product.

Apart from the jackpot there are no promotions, no giveaways or first time deposit bonuses, which does attract from the first-time user experience.

I cannot hold it against the site for only punting football, that is their right – I can only judge it on playability, accessibility and enjoyment.

The site is very thin on betting options and this lack of variety will cost against it.

The slogan on their landing page: “The best sports betting site in Zambia” is misleading. They must take the words sports out and put in football. They cannot be the best, or even the last in sports betting if they only have one code.

The site does have a mobile version and like many African betting sites, is a replica of this platform.

If a punter wants a site dedicated to football, the developers had better master the programme and subsequent games and promotions.

A sports site is often a jack of all trades and master on none. This site should be the master of its domain but fails to grasp the originality and uniqueness of the concept.