January 25, 2018

Premierbet.com.zm Review

The premierbet.co.zm online sports betting site is impressive in its simplicity and boasts all the key attributes needed to provide an excellent platform for gamers.

The design and lay-out is clean, well-toned and features a near perfect font-size ratio for easy reading.

This may not sound important but believe me, there are many clunky and cluttered sites on the market and a clean-cut approach to a visual experience provides a pleasant environment for bet-makers.

A downside is the lack of promotional giveaways – with the marketplace equally split in two segments – on one side regular new promos and the other of offering the bare minimum.

The discrepancy is important as it presents a marketing strategy and I personally feel that regular and consistent varied promotions will boost bet action.

Premierbet Zambia offers a decent bet platform but its lack of promotional giveaways detracts from the overall effect.

They are running a ‘Place 3 bets get one free’ bonus but there is no first time deposit giveaway. Many sites offer a at least a 100% money back promotion with some going up to 200% and this increases site traffic and eventual clients.

There is only one means of depositing with ‘Voucher’ standing alone as providing a means to get into the bet action. There is no M-pesa nor any other way to purchase credit to play.

The landing page does not have a disclaimer by a standardised regulatory body endorsing the business and this is a violation or a slip-up but one that needs urgent attention.

The site offers virtual play and this feature is well-presented, easy to use and boasts a large graphically enhancing screen.

The virtual play football format uses European national teams and player names are variation of actual stars, with Sergio Busquets becoming Busketts. This provides a more life-like quality to the games.

The punter can contact the site for support or information by e-mail or address only and this is a major difference in premier bet Zambia and all other online bet sites. There is no telephone number, WhatsApp or live chat feature.

Under their ‘contact us’ section a page pops up that is completely out of sync with all gamming sites and is very confusing.

The section looks like a job application landing page, with a segment to drop attachments, filling in details and adding a message.

This is the only way to contact the site and this is a significant setback for the developers. As a reviewer I have never seen such a lack of means to communicate with potential customers.

The site offers all the trappings of a serious online bet site but fails miserably in crucial departments. There is limited communications, only one means to bet, lack of promotions and no disclaimers and responsible gaming sign-offs.

To get virtual play and live betting proves the intent to build up a competitive operating mechanism but there are too many gaps and obstacles at present.

A click on their Facebook link takes the punter to a decent page, but the lack of followers (441) compared to major sites is an indication that their marketing strategy is failing. Most leading competition boasts 10k plus followers.

The site offers the full sporting experiences with bets available on almost all sporting codes across the world. This diversification is good from a punters point of view. There is no jackpot opportunity and this is unfortunate. Football does not feature as prominently as on others sites and this is in contrast to the market share out there at the moment.