January 25, 2018

Supabets Zambia Review

The supabets.co.zm site stands out from the competition and boasts one of the most complete array of bet options, game-play and functionality.

Supabets is a global player in the market and the Zambian site takes all the best aspects of its big brother.

This is without doubt one of the most technically efficient, user-friendly sites on the market while also offering a range of game-plays, features and bonuses, enhance ng the experience of the punter to the nth.

Just scrolling right to the bottom of the page engenders more excitement than a lottery win as the payment options for deposit and withdraw rates amongst the best on the continent. There are no fewer than ten leading institutions that are accepted by supabets.

A punter can become a member of this remarkable site via ll major banking options available. There is so much going right with this operator and this is a mere example of its pulling power.

There are eight ways to contact the site with every communication option available – from social media to whatsapp and everything in between. Supabets does not do anything in small measures and this is another example of a world-class experience.

Bettors can drool over the professionalism and variety on offer and this must be ranked at the top of the pile by reviewers, players and regulatory bodies.

I am still writing about the basic features that every site should include and already I am as excited as a mouse finding a wheel of Gouda, news that the cat has gone missing and Mrs Mouse up for a bit of bubble and squeak.

I think I may be a bit smitten with this site – it features one of the best colour schemes, layout and design and scores well in every department.

The game play is faster than a Cheetah named Bolt at the annual Animal Olympics and every click offers instant access into any feature.

The virtual play offers punters amazing pixilation, speed and variety needed to fully cater for this market.

There is a casino feature with 3 D slots, table games, Keno, video poker and many more. This is a one-stop gaming experience and a bet-maker need to surf the web for any betting related needs.

The promotions offer first time users 50% increase in their bet-wallets while 100% increase in earnings for a multi-bet is a massive incentive for serious punters and newbies alike.

There is a John Barnes predictor feature which will assist with all football related decisions while there is a correlation between the site and the company’s actual bet-shop experience. Book a bet online and skip the queue at your local Supabet shop.

There is live in-play bet action almost 234 hours a day and is one of the most comprehensive in-play option sites in Africa.

There is a cross variety of sports on promotion and golf, NBA Basketball and cricket are given a great scope on the landing page.

Football is still the number one bet-game but the variety means that there is a sporting contest every day and not just on Wednesday and the weekend (like with soccer).

I am struggling to find a downside with this site. They are missing a Zambian-centric flavour with no mention of Kwacha, or local sporting events and the promotions are generic and have no purely Zambian vernacular.

The supbabet.co.zm site is so professional it could be playing in the English Premier League and that encapsulates the thoroughness and no-expenses-spared vibe.

I would recommend this online bet site to any punter that will listen. Supabets does what it says on the box – it is indeed super!